I need to be "DEnoobed"

I just made my first attempt at copying one of my dvds. Here is what I did.

  1. decrtpted the dvd with “dvd decrypter”
  2. Used clone dvd2 to write/burn the media
  3. put the dvd into my computer dvd player/xbox with no luck. Xbox could not read the material and it just froze up my pc.

What the heck am I doing wrong. Or is there a “step by step” guide one of you experts has put together.
Feel free to talk to me like i’m a 3yo. I just want to get this right before I burn through a pile of blank dvd-rs.

Oh, can I copy my xbox games? Thanks again for any and all help.

who manufactured your discs (which isn’t the same as the namebrand)? if you don’t know, you can find out by using dvd identifier (in my signature).

you can copy xbox games, but you need a modded xbox to be able to copy the games as well as play copies.

cmc magnetics corp. Neat program BTW. Also, how can I shrink mpeg, avi, wmv to the smallest format to save as much as I can on one cd-r? The xbox thing isn’t a big deal I imagine there are exactly 0 modded xbox machines in Camp Anaconda!

The best codec for file size is probably some MPEG4 variant. Xvid is popular because it is open source and free, and gives pretty good performance. Squeezing it down till you can fit about 2 hours on a CD-R will yield image quality somewhere between DVD and VHS (probably closer to VHS).

Tons more info and some step by step guides for format conversion at http://www.doom9.org

Stay safe

most likely all you really need at the moment is dvd shrink. i have a simple guide @ spank me !

CMC don’t produce the best quality discs. Taiyo Yuden is generally considered the best. MCC Made In Singapour (Verbatims made in Singapour) and Ritek DVD-R are also highly recommended. XBOX DVD Drives are very picky about what they read. As for backing up XBOX games, there is alot more to it then simply popping an original in your PC and making a 1:1 copy. As mentioned above, you will need a chip before anything else and then there are a number of other steps required (ie networking your XBOX to your PC).

First off I would like to thank you all for your advice. With your help I have made it one step closer to success. With the use of DVD Decrypter and dvdshrink I made a copy that worked. Sort of. I had sound on the “menu” and “special features” screen but not during the actual feature? What did I do wrong?

 Secondly, What program can I use to compress mpegs. avi ect into xvids or smaller files? Thanks again for all your help.

disregard. With some messing around I figured out the sound issue. Thanks again.