I need TMPGenc please (where 2 download ? )


I need the software TMPGenc.
As far as I understood , Version 12a is free and versions
12b-12f are not free.

I have version 12f so if you know where I can find crack for it
or If you know where I can find version 12a … please let me know.


I assume you searched the most well known crack search engines?

Many search engines can be found through our search function:

those are the ones I know by heart, but there are so many…

But if anyone else has it, (s)he can post where to get it, or use Prvate Messaging of course :wink:

thanks anyway

try www.divx-digest.com

nah… TMPEGenc is free, but the MPEG 2 encoding function is limited in time, but do you REALLY need that ???


What does this program do. If i was you though what i would do is Download the trial and crack it!!!

P.S – I have been away so i have not been posting, sos for that guys i am back now!