I need the fastest reader for the best price

You can change it 4 times, but I have found that each time I reflash my firmware with codeguys it resets the number again so possibly this is an added benefit. Yes, the codeguys will increase the 166 as it did my 167, almost as fast as the AOpen.

Great! I downloaded the codeguys DS1E f/w but there are so many in the 16X dir of the zip file. I believe 12X is the fastest for reading DVD9…or am I missing something?

P.S. Also, I tried driveinfo22 but it will not let me select the 166S, only my Mad Dog/NEC 3500 burner.

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This “Aopen” a Combo drive or a DVD player only? Does it need a kacked fireware ala Codeguys to work fast? Thanks…

The AOpen 1648 AAP is currently the fastest ripper available. It will read faster than the Liteons with the codeguys firmware and does not need any firmware upgrade. It is a ROM drive. If you go get one (around $30) make sure you get the exact model listed (sometimes shown as Pro model) as the other versions are similar but not the same.

Where can I purchase an AOpen 1648 AAP online at a competitive price?

Newegg usually has the best price and service. Often they are out of stock. The chameleon has been the correct drive in the past but do check as the other drives are not the one you want. Do some more searching. There was a massive AOpen thread that had a lot of sources but it was closed and I can’t seem to find it now.

AJump.com was a good source and the AOpen site has additional sources:


How does a Lite-On combo DVD-ROM / CDRW drive compare to the AOpen in terms of rip speed and DVD and CD reading ability?


Aopen 1648/aap will out run anything out there (commercially available from $25 to $60) - read my post earlier in this thread for speed comparisons-

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How about it’s ability to read severely scratched DVD’s or a multitude of burned DVDs?

Also, can a Lite-On 166 / 167 DVD-ROM drive use K-Probe on burned DVD’s?

Yeh 166 can (i guess 167 too) but k-probe doesn’t support locking their read speeds, so we use another prog like cdbremse and lock it like that.

There is a group of posters who feel that some ROM drives can scans discs and give a meaningful readout with Kprobe or CDSpeed. There is also a group of us who feel the the readouts are not consistent and are not useful. You need to decide for yourself if you want to use these scans to determine burn quality.

I have purchased my 812S just for scans even though I have both a 167T and an AOpen 1648 AAP. After running a number of different scans on all 3 drives with the same media I only use scans on the 812S.

My 167T works with Kprobe, but I’m in the group that doesn’t find the scans from it useful. IMHO, if you want to run Krobe, get a Liteon DVDRW drive.

why do you say this?

and what about a 74GB Raptor?

awesome, I just ordered one

I am guessing that he is saying that you need a fast hard drive. Raptors are way fast. I wouldn’t think it would have any problem accepting data that fast.

hey I just got the Aopen and this thing is LOUD
and sometimes it sounds like it is vibrating or something is loose
but it reads good, just ripped a DVD at 8.3x average, 12.2x max

I bought the 1648 for use in a 700mghz system with 256 mg ram. Hoped it would improve performance, but unfortunately, the drive didnt seem to be the issue, because i cannot transfer any faster than before, around 810k. Trying to track down why, but i did notice that when using DVDDecrypter, that the AOpen seemed to perform well for the rip. I know its a better drive than the Samsung DVDMaster i had in before, just have to get the rest working at optimum before i realize performance increase.

I recently flashed my LiteOn 166S to DS1E fw. Is that the famous codeguy fw that everybody is talking about? If not then can somebody please post a link!!! Thanks!!!

Yo drno1-

Did you get the 1648/aap - read “just” aap - 'cause there are didderent varients of the 1648 and the “aap” is the speed hound-


HAs anyne compared the aap vs the aap pro (nonpro vs pro)?