I need the fastest reader for the best price

I am looking for the fastest DVD reader that is also the most versatile I can find out there for better transfer rates when using in tandem with my NEC2510a. I have a Lite-ON right now, and would like suggestions on the best brand, and where to get it.


You adding another i need warp speed thread?

i suppose i did ask about this before, not here, i thought, but i also asked on software upgrades for speed too. Haven’t been on in a while, and need some fresh perspective…lol

Why’d you post this in “Bargain Basement”?

You need a Lite-ON 166S or 167T with Codeguys firmware, but you will also need a hard drive with either a 16MB cache, see Maxtor, OR a current SCSI hard drive to get optimum performance from the drive.


Fastest reader out is the Aopen 1648/aap - period!!

My Aopen 1648/aap reads a 7.8gb movie in 11.45 minutes at 12.22x peak and 9.02x average

My Sony 1612 (LiteOn 166s w/codeguys patched DYS3) reads the same movie in 15.24 minutes with a 9.67x peak and a 7.07x average

You can get it at www.ajump.com for $36 shipped-


Interesting, I’ve had peaks of 15.4x with my 166S’s and they will regularly sustain 12x, although I think they’re probably better with DS1C FW versus DS1E, further testing will follow on this during the holiday season. Personally I’ve never bothered to time a rip, or perhaps I should say make note of what DVD Decrypter reports.

Mike was talking about dvd9 ripping speed :wink: The aopen is great, slightly faster in single layer reading too. The lite-on and aopen are both great, i have a lite-on 166s with codeguys 14x firmware which runs great on decent quality discs. There’s also a toshiba dvd-rom that’s supposed to be very fast too.

So am I, but it only seems to run on steroids on one of my machines. Not sure why that is, which is why I need to xperiment over Xmas…

I hope this isn’t considered cross posting (since I’m not starting a new thread either time) but it seems like the 18 page aopen thread might be dead and this is about the liteon too. I got the impression the a open doesn’t work well for error scanning because it reads too fast and reprots to many errors. If it is getting a lot of errors at high speeds, wouldn’t it be beter to use a slower drive? Wouldn’t you get a beter copy or am I misunderstanding this because I am considering buying one for dvd9 ripping (the liteon or the aopen).

I am glad I found this thread. I have a JLMS-XJ-HD-166S and the fw is original DS1C. I rip at from 4x-10x. I did not know there was other fw around for it!

@mpsan, I’m glad you found out about the firmware. It’s great. I’m running one of their firmwares on my 167T and it does great!

If I were going to buy a reader right now, it would be either the Aopen or another Liteon like I have (167T).

I have used both the Liteon 167T with codeguys firmware and the AOpen 1648 AAP at the same time. On the same media, the AOpen is faster, as reported. At the beginning of the WAY too long Aopen thread it was reported that a German publication had done testing on the error correction capability and had found it to be one of the best they had tested.

When my AOpen detects an error it slows down in an attempt to read the error at a lower speed. It has worked in all but 3 cases in hundreds of reads of pressed discs. One could not be read by anything and the error in the disc was clearly observable when viewing. The other two could be read by my 3500. As anyone who uses the Aopen for fast reads will also have a burner, that should give them a second chance at reading. Since my 3500 is not known for reading ability, I would have to assume that the discs the AOpen couldn’t read were flukes. As much as I would love to spend a few more bucks on some new toys, I have seen no reason to seek out one of those drives with “superior” reading ability (BenQ 1620 or Toshiba). In only one case has a rip proven to be corrupted. A second reading on the same AOpen was fine. I have to conclude that the fast ripping is not a problem.

I was thinking less along the lines of wether the rip was successfull and more along the lines of even if it is successfull, would the slower drive have less errors, or does error corection take care of that where the final output is the same if it is succesfully read? Its too bad my toshiba reader died if they are pretty good readers.

DVDDecrypter will not tolerate errors with any reader. I have to assume any output is error free or it fails.

Thats great information guys. Thanks. I posted here due to the generic brand requests, and the fact that i wanted pricing and locales. I actually had the AOpen bookmarked as one of my finalists, good affirmation from this thread on that one. I usually encode through DVDShrink to my HD, then burn with Nero, and i have seen some who rip to the hard drive first. Does that improve speed? I would have to check on the cache on my drive, i dont remember what it is. Usually takes about 30-40 minutes to encode the movie. and 6-14 minutes to burn, depending on 4x or 8x.


@chas0039, I treat DVD Decrypter rips the same way. If it rips successfully, then I consider it good. I am curious tho, about what let you know that the one rip was corrupt? How did you know it was corrupt?

Thanks for the info!! I think I may have to get a faster dvd-rom.

Before I burn I run the files through DVDShrink. The initial read seems to be a good check for errors as it has always been able to find a problem such as a missing file.

In this case it reported a crc error half way through. I now check all my files and burns this way. It is not perfect but it is fast and catches major read problems and burns with hidg PI/PIF errors. This was how I found out that my batch of Ritek R03s had turned bad in the middle of the stack.

Well, I have the 166S and updated to the JLMS firmware. I got a region code thing I had to set that was not in my original. How many times can you change the Region?

I can not see why I need to change it from 1 but wondered.

Will the Codeguys fw speed up rips of original dvd’s?