I need the driver for a DVD R/W in XP



I’m a simple man and have spent almost a day on this. I am trying to resurrect an XP machine for some old cad, schematic capture and pcb layout software (some works much better than newer versions I’ve used). I would like to be able to backup to a DVD, like I used to. I have a liteon SHW160Ps6S which XP sees correctly but it loads the driver for a CD.

I have spent almost a day on this. I can find lots of firmware downloads but no drivers, other than programs that cost money (which I’m hesitant to try as I’m cheap and there’s no guarantee they’ll work - the free versions don’t) and/or scan my computer and don’t update the driver. The Liteon site does not seem to support their older DVD R/W.

I thought maybe the CD driver was installed because it would work, as if a DVD is just a big CD, but it will only read DVDs. Burning software will not recognize the DVD.

Any ideas?


Hi and Welcome!

drivers for optical drives are part of the operating system, therefore separate downloadable drivers don’t exist (apart from claims of fraudulent websites).

Your problem might be due to a Windows configuration problem: please visit http://support.microsoft.com/fixit/en and especially http://support.microsoft.com/mats/cd_dvd_drive_problems/en-us

Additionally, Windows XP dows not natively support DVD writing, you need 3rd party software for that task. ImgBurn is a good, free tool.



sorry to bother you. It turns out that the CD driver supports DVD R/W. It just took awhile for winxp to work, why I don’t know. I had a problem with software and xp kept dying, giving me no real information on it’s blue screen. After a half dozen times trying different things and alternating between safemode and the regular startup, it started up and voila, it worked AND it can now both read andcwrite to CDs. Microsoft does add an element of whimsy to computers. That may be an important thing for those of us who live entirely in the real world of cause and effect and don’t believe in pixies. It’s pretty boring in the Linux world.


P.S. I was trying to use ImgBurn to test the DVD and it wouldn’t recognize the drive, that is when I clicked on the E: drive tab it said there was no drive, though it did put up the tab. During this I could sometimes see a burned cd’s contents in windows explorer (lots of swapping between blank DVD’s and ones with data). Now it’s fine.


[QUOTE=stephenjvb;2682008]sorry to bother you. It turns out that the [B]CD driver [/B]supports DVD R/W…[/QUOTE]

A [B]driver[/B] is a piece of software to make hardware work within the Operating System / OS.
A [B]drive[/B] is the hardware itself.