I need someone who speaks Russian here!



Now that I’ve bought some professional loudspeakers my DJ-consolle is finally complete and my studio will be right ready in a few weeks. I have decided to name it in a special way: do you know the concept of “permanent revolution” by Lev Trotzkij ? Well, I want to name my studio “permanent discoteque” but I don’t speak nor write Russian so:

How would they write it in Russia ???



Well we can start with this.

permanent = постоянно



discotheque = дискотека

Be warned though!

постоянный дискотека may mean something entirely different than permanent discotheque.
Better mail a russian. :slight_smile:


I think “permanent” in this case would not reflect in Russian the main idea, so I would say/translate it this way:

[B]“бесконечнa[/B][B]я [/B][B]дискотека” [/B](which means endless, if you like permanent disco). :cool: