I need some reassurance about nVidai 7900GT power requirements

Help guys, I need to be reassured that I won’t need a new power supply. I just ordered a 7900GT and after the fact read the fine print. It says I need a minimum 400W PSU with a +12 Volt current rating of 20 Amps.

I then looked up the ratings on my Antec 500W (dual rails) and I am hoping I get to add both rails together to meet the 7900 requirements. One rail is 19A and the other is 17A. I do get to count them both right? I mean after all, if an Antec 500 can’t power a single video card we are all in trouble. Their 650W PSU never hits 20A per rail.

Thanks for the hand holding.

you are correct, the minimum requirements are for the total 12v rating, so you add up both 12v rails to get your PSUs rating (19A+17A=36A total 12v)