I need some ones help

I just got a phone about a week ago, and it has a mp3 player on it. but it is only tellin me that i can only import m3u files on the phone yet i had a friend send me a song via bluetooth and it saved it as a mp3.

Now my question is is if i convert all my songs to mp3 and then send them to my phone via bluetooth from my computer would that world or would i still have to find a way to convert them to m3u?

I need some ones help on the plzzz…



M3u is just a list, it is not the actual music. Read the instructions for your phone as to how to import mp3.

like Whappo said, a .m3u is a mp3 playlist file. Sending several songs via bluetooth can take a long time.
Does your phone have a usb connection to your pc?

[edit]As a matter of fact, are you storing the songs directly to your phone’s memory, or are you using a micro SD card? If you are using the micro SD then you can put it into an SD card adapter, which should have come with it. Then you can put that into the SD card slot on your computer and copy/paste the files onto the card. I suggest make a folder titled audio or music. That would probably the easiest way.

Most cellphoned that have onboard mp3 players accept some sort of data card.

Generally the cellphone is provided with a small (cheap) memory card that is EASILY improved on.

The idea is you load the card on your computer then simply plug it into the phone.