I need some major help

Alright for the last couple of days i have been trying to FTP my xbox, ok i run EvoX. Ok my xbox is connected to my router by an ethernet than my pc is connected to my router from a USB internet cord, when i go into the system settings on my xbox it say’s Link and theres the IP and all that like it’s supposed to show if you set it up right. When i head over to my comp and go into FlashFXP it is unable to make a connection with my xbox, someone please tell me the exact settings i need on my comp so it will detect and connect with my xbox

thnx - some desperate kid

  • I may not be doing the cross-over cable thing right so if you know anything about it please post a small tutorial.

If you have a router, you don’t need a cross over cable. All you need is a regular ethernet cable. IMHO part of the problem is that you are trying to connect to the router via USB. Plug a regular ethernet cable from your PC straight into one port on the router and one straight from the XBOX into another port on the router (ie XBOX in port 1 and PC into port 2). In Flash FXP, select the “Quick connect” option. Enter in the XBOX’s IP addy and the following info, user id: xbox password: xbox. The default port should be port 21 and that is the one that you want. Can’t remember if it needs to be passive or not. You can check it or uncheck it to see which one works.