I need some ideas for these special DVDs



Hi m8s

I have 2 DVDs from some dance courses that my wife likes that I record. They are small (each one is no more than 2GB) but I don’t want to backup each one to a disk, what I like is to put both in a DVD+R. The problem is that they are divided in parts and chapters that I need to have also available in the copy. I was thinking at the beginning to make 2 VCDs but after being reading that these tools for backing DVDs up can copy also the menus , parts and chapters I think that it was better to do the work with one of these.
I was thinking on putting each DVD in its own compartment inside the DVD+R and have a menu that gives me access to the disk that I like to see (DVD A and DVD B) right after inserting the DVD+R, and when the user chooses the disk that likes to watch I like to have the original menus from that disk presented (menu for choosing the respective dance lesson).

How can I accomplish this job? Is it possible what I am trying to do or I definitely need to back them up each one in its own disk?
I appreciate that you point me to the right direction here.


the method u described for keeping both original menus should work, but it would be fairly involved and probably beyond ur scope (not meant as an insult; it’s beyond my scope as well), with a lot of reauthoring going on. there are easy methods for combining titles from multiple dvds into one while still retaining the chapters if that’s what ur main concern is (there’s one in the tutorial section of this forum), and there are programs that will create new menus for u, such as TMPGEnc DVD Author.


Thanks m8, I am reading at the momment the tutorials. I am going to do it as described with DVDShrink for multiple disks. This was exactly what I was needing.


I am needing little help here.
What is going to give me better results?

All the parts (4) that I like to join in one disk are 6837MB in total.
When I load them in DVDShrink it is compressing them from 51% to 58%. for they fit in the DVD+R.

For getting good quality (this DVD videos don’t have good quality, they seem to be taken from VHS tapes) is it better to encode them in different MPG files (VCD) or MPEG2 files (SVCD) or I would go better with letting DVDShrink do the job and I save me the conversion work to the other formats?

Thanks a lot for your help.