I Need Some Help

Hi, I’m trying to back up my copy of War using the trial version of DVDFab 4050 Platinum that I found here. After not being able to get the movie to even load, I turned off Pathfinder which allowed the disc to show up as the source, but every time I try to back up the movie to my hard drive or copy directly to a disk either through the Main Movie or Full Disc function the copying process stops on the VTS_01_4.VOB file.

Any help would be appreciated

please download 4051 beta and install over 4050. i did main movie with pathplayer set to always enable. is the disc scratched?


also if you havent read over the guide already you can find it here


I have the 4051 beta as well. I’ll try it with pathplayer set to always enabled. The disk isn’t scratched btw. I’ll let you know how it turns out, thank you for the help

It worked perfectly, I appreciate all your help.:smiley: