I need some help

My desktop is brand new…like 2 weeks old. It just started doing something I have never seen before, the pc will completely freeze up and my monitor becomes a blank white screen with lines through it, it does this about 5-10 minutes after it boots up. I have had PC’s freeze up before but never made my monitor become a blank white screen. My brother in law had closed some programs that were running in the background and that seemed to help but it is doing it again. Anyone have any clue as to what could be causing this? I have googled but can’t seem to find anything on this.

I’m thinking videocard related (overheating? Corrupt drivers?). Can you try another videocard? Please give us your full system specs so we can better assist you (hardware/OS).

Is this a rig you put together yourself?

I vote for a bad video card too, doesn’t sound like a driver.

My husband and I put it together. It is win xp. I will ask my husband about the video card etc and will let you know…It probably is the video card, I remember my husband was not sure if it was the right card or not…but once it was installed it seemed to be working ok. But thanks for the feedback and I will post the rest of the specs this evening.