I need some BWS files! Who can help?

Hi all!

I’ve got problems. Some of my friends scrached (hard enought, so my Teac DVD & Plextor Premium can’t read discs at all) some of mine ORIGINAL ENGLISH GAMES!!!

Here are the games:
NOLF 2, Colin McRay Rally 3, Tron 2.0, Gothic 2 and something else (i don’t remember, cause i’m at work now).

I’m from Russia, and it’s hard to find original games in our country.

All i need is *.bws files of play CDs of mentioned games.
If some one can send them to me,would be nice.

PS: Please contact me first via ICQ or e-mail.

Try this site :slight_smile:


you want .bws files???
these are the subcode files, right???
and i think it is against the forum rules, cause the .bws files are part of the data on a cd and so copying the .bws file would be same as copying the .bwi file…
if your cd’s are scratched by your friends you should send the cd’s to the game developer (mentiond in the game manual), and let your friends pay for the exchange…


I know this site. :wink: Some of stuff really useful. :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re right. In *.bws files BW Suit keeps subcode data for a game.
I own all games i’ve mentioned LEGALLY (not throught eMule or another P2P system)!!! I have boxes, manuals and so on.:slight_smile:

Warranty applies only if i opened box and there’re defect CD (90 days as i know). Defects made by hands or CD-ROMs - this is not a warranty case (mentioned in manual).

And it’s diffiult to force someone to pay for something in our contury. :slight_smile: Esspecially if this person not in Russia. :sad:

Read through your post really quickly and misread it for bwa. I am not sure that requesting the bws files is legal either, i will leave this open untill someone who is sure reads this.


You misunderstand me. :wink: I’m DO NOT requesting ANY *.bwi files.

It’s not a problem to make them by miself using images of games released by groups (FLT and so on;)). It’s not a problem in Russia.

I repeat that i LEGALLY OWN all mentioned in first post games (they bought and sent to me by my old friend in USA).

If you think that i’m violating rules of this forum, shut this goddamn thread! :sad:

PS:I’ve already payed for these games my hard earned money, and noone’ll compensate me expences for damaged CDs.

…but if your friends scratched you cd’s??? :rolleyes:
unimportant if you own the games, if anyone gives you his .bws he would do illegal things…
so, just take this as a fact and please don’t request for this here any more. thx
and again: if you own the games you can send the cd’s to the address given in the manual and you will get another cd and it will cost less than a complete new cd…
just read the manuals… :wink:

Originally posted by ZILLA ]NaH[

You misunderstand me. :wink: I’m DO NOT requesting ANY *.bwi files.[/b]
Meant bws files (whats wrong with me today? :stuck_out_tongue: )

They of course do not contain the image but are necessary for backing up securom so i dont know if such a request is within legal boundaries.

I sympathize with you situation, as it is very furstrating to see your money go down the drain like this. As i said i will leave this thread open until/unless someone else (senior admin) decides that possibly it violates the forum rules.

Razor1982 thanx for being concerned about the forum rules :slight_smile:

If you think that i’m violating rules of this forum, shut this goddamn thread!

With an attitude like this and the files you are requesting I hope they do.

I can only see this turning into a pie throwing contest, darn!