I need some answers

OK, these questions have been bugging me for atleast a year

  1. If cloneCD makes exct copies why is a mod chip still needed for Playstation games?

  2. Which is best hardware or software error correction?

  3. How come when I copy audio CD’s they tend to load slower on normal CD players compared with the original?

  4. What is fast error skip? should I use it

  5. Should I use intelligent sector scanner and at what value should I put in i.e 100 (default)

  6. Should I always use don’t repair sub channel data?

  1. Because the boot protection can’t be copied.

  2. Hardware, if supported by your reading device.

  3. No idea. Mine don’t. Try using better quality media.

  4. Fast error skip enables rapid skipping of unreadable sectors and is particularly useful where the errors are not consecutive. It should be used whenever copying safedisc protected cds and should always be set to automatic.

  5. Intelligent bad sector scanner should be used when copying laserlock or Ring Protech (Pro Ring) protected cds. Generally the default value of 100 is ok for laserlock whilst 500 is about right for Ring Protech.

  6. Don’r repair sub-channel data is required for libcrypt protected psx and karaoke cds if your writer’s default raw burning mode is dao16 because raw dao96 is required for successfully copying those cds.