I need software to archive a list of files I have burned

Hi all,
I am trying to find software to archive a list of files I have burned to DVD or CD. I need it to be searchable and browsable. I find software for MP3 archiving but I am looking for something that can work with all types of files (data files included). I want to be able to use the software to search for a file name and then have it refer to a disk name or number or whatever so that I know which of my DVDs or CDs to look on.
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Have a look at this thread I posted not long ago…

Here are some free ones:




Hi Jessie, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I use WhereIsIt? for the indexing part. It’s not a burning program, so you need other software for performing the actual burns.

WhereIsIt? is Shareware.

http://www.karenware.com/powertools/powertools.asp Karen’s Power Tools Directory Printer is the one I’ve used. Some of her other apps are pretty cool too.

Try VisualCD, a free prog for cataloguing cd’s or folders. The catalogs are fully searchable, very handy for large cd collections or hard drives.

I use Visual CD, Cathy and and excel spreadsheet. Gonna try an accel data base too once I get it to import the spreadsheet. Having multiple different methods seems best to me–especially for larger data fields. /// Bobbo

You may also want to look at Disk Explorer Professional It’s free so you can’t beat the price.

Thanks sikoone, Disk Explorer Profession is fantastic. Many options - fast and compact. Much much better than the program I was using. Should do the trick for Go KiTtey. Thanks again