I Need serious help

i have an atapi dvd a dh16ayh and it wont burn Ritek S04-066 disc… im using MCSE trying to change the media strategy… but idk what to change it to… can anyone please help me…
it would be Heavily appreciated

After doing a search, it seems your drive is an OEM model sold with HP computers. Actually made by Lite-on, and dating back to 2006.

Ritek S04 is poor quality double layer media. You may never get it to work in this old a drive. There aren’t that many [B]new[/B] drives that burn it adequately…a few of the Pioneer drives with NEC chipsets perhaps, like the 216 and 217, and some of the newer Optiarc drives. Ritek S04 just varies a lot in quality.

Much simpler to buy Verbatim DL media.

Do the Ritek S04’s even show up in the firmware when you open it with MCSE?

yes do you want mii to show you a picture…?

[QUOTE=JeRzEEb0i;2452657]yes do you want mii to show you a picture…?[/QUOTE]

Hi :slight_smile:
That shouldn’t be necessary.
The best help anyone can give you is … change your media.
Verbatim appears to be the only reasonably decent performer here (Dual Layer).
MedtiaTek chipsets (your LiteOn clone) are not very good with DL media at the best of times.
Pioneer (some of the later models) can produce acceptable results (i.e. playable).
But Verbatim will always out perform RITEK DL DVDs’.

so changing the media strategy wouldnt help?

[QUOTE=JeRzEEb0i;2452663]so changing the media strategy wouldnt help?[/QUOTE]

Hi :slight_smile:
I doubt it.
LiteOn derived drives (apart from some of the latest models), have a problem coping with the layer break.
This is where Pioneer have managed admirably.
If you had a Pioneer I’d say play around with the strats if you wished.
Though I doubt you’d see much if any improvement.
But as your main problem will be this layer break.
I don’t see strat swopping helping much in that area.
You could try the Verbatim one.
But I wouldn’t hold out much hope.

ook… verbatims do work… but i have to make backups for a friend and he bought… memorex.

And Memorex seems to get some of the worst examples of S04 media. Some of our members have had decent luck with newer Pioneer and Optiarc drives using Ritek S04 sold under the TDK brand.

My advice is to return these disks as defective.