I need serious help for reading my dvd data!



I need serious help.

I searched all the forums and here, wrote to Nero Support and got no satisfying answers, so i am writing to you here. I need your immediate concern and appreciate your help.

I am using Philips DVR-RW 1640, and NERO OEM Software, Nero 6 with the latest upgrades.

The problem is, some of the data dvd’s that i have written before, cannot be read my dvd rewriter. I cannot see the content of the DVD data, but i know they are written and verified perfectly.

I know, the data is there because, sometimes, not every time, when i eject the dvd-r and reput the tray, it reads, otherwise it shows the dvd r as cd rom.

So, what is the problem ?

P.S. I have no problem with lenses, my dvd re writer works and burns perfectly, i am not using poor media. etc.


Right Click on My Computer and hit Properties. Go to Device Manager, CD-Roms, and right click on your BenQ, hitting Properties. Search for and select a region code if one is not selected.

In short I believe you are using UDF only for your burns, not an ISO/UDF hybrid and as such can not read the dvd in windows explorer since it encorces region codes (though strange enough you can in dos).


The used OS is exactly what?


Crumpkin & Chef;

Thank you for your immediate concerns.

Crumpkin i cannot change my region, it is already 0. and locked in Region 1. I had made a flash for dvdr once, and it reads all the regions now but i cannot remember when.

Here are two shots for you. Hope that will help you to figure out what my problem is:


Thank you. Waiting for your comments


i am now trying to read a full data written dvd r , but it shows empty…

can it be because of this ? see below ?

it shows open not finalized.

how can i finalize an open disk… in nero ?? i cannot read inside.



it shows open not finalized.
how can i finalize an open disk… in nero ?? i cannot read inside.

Hopefully. I’ve never used the multi session feature,
so I can’t say for sure.


i never used multissession on my burning options.
actually the dvd-r should be a closed session ?


What drive did you burn the disc(s) with?
Did you use the OEM Nero to do the burn?
Can the disc(s) be read by other drives?


i always use nero express with the software above nero oem… from nero oem i always choose DVD DATA option. and they are all successfully burned and verified.

no, i already checked that… the discs are not read by any other drives. but i know the data is there… MY DVD R DRIVE IS E…

VERY RARELY i can read them but very rare… what am i doing wrong ?
if is an open session by accidently, is there any way to close an open session ?


In Nero, under Disc Info, it should allow you to finalize the disc. Could you please try this first?