I need record 4x or 2x with 1693S liteon burner

I can’t record with speeds minor of 6x or 8x !, and i really need write my dvds with 4x or 2x !.
In my town don’t buy dvd+/-r or rw capable 4x or less :frowning:
somebody know some technique or firmware for my burner to able 4x or 2x write speed?

Thanks in advance.


Note: I can burn with other dvd writers with the same discs in 4x or 2x, but my own not support this speeds.

Burning it at lower speed doesnot mean better burn!!! If liteon doesnot want you to burn at 2 or 4X that’ because this burner gives you better burns at higher speed!!!
Some media can be burn at 4X with it, but not all!!!
BTW I make all my games backup at 8X or higher!!!


It’s always the same. They believe in myths and lies spread by propaganda.

Please read carefully what bichonn posted!

Please, help me

Hmm…, that might be truth in your world, but how can you be so sure the same goes for topic poster and where he lives?
Right now we don’t have enough information to make any opinion, at least not of the kind that has been put forward…

SamuelPG, please use DVD Identifier and post the media codes of DVD’s you intent to use. :slight_smile:

using quality media at it’s rated speed (preferrably 8x) returns always in better quality than writing @4x or 2x.

and if someone rellay wants that low speeds, for a 451s in ebay.


it was especially directed to: “and i really need write my dvds with 4x or 2x !.

It is the myth of console backuppers that this would help in any way - but don’t. :wink:

I used Omnipatcher for able 4x, 2.4x, 2x, and 1x for dvd burning, now its working terrific.

:disagree: I really want to see a scan!!! The fact that it is burning doesnot mean it is terrific!!!

l yeah. Please, I’d like to see a scan too.


Scan ?


what’s the min. speed of the 1693s? i think 4x, but there are some media codes with 2.4x box ticked.
i don’t think the drive can write @speeds lower than 2.4x.

ive used TDK0002s on my 1673s there only 2x rated, and it burned them very nicely.

but at which speed?


sorry can`t post any scans, as i lost them when i reformated. but they all had a quality score of 90+

2.4 is minimum for +R you can do 2x with -R
Not to extend the discussion about burning at lower speeds and its eventual effect on quality, but if you use video editors that can write directly to DVD, there are some that don’t write above 4x. So the need for lower speeds can be more than an individual choice+

scan @4x, that’s the forum standard.
but i doubt the results will get any better. and i’ve never seen this mediacode before…

4X test in progress…