I need online storage

i’m not asking for online hosting to disturbute warez or such.

i need a free online storage for my personal files, around 1gb is what i need, the ones i found were either extremely limited on your download quoata (100mb per month) or only allow you to upload 10mb file per session, too much bottlenecks, i need one that does it’s job the way it’s suppose to be done.

many thanks.

Gmail account. Hotmail. Email them to yourself.

Theyre great, I personally love them.

I have a friend who has several terabytes on Streamload. Not crucial backups, just stuff he never deleted :wink: It doesn’t work well for me even if i pay, so i just spend a little more on a simple webhosting company. So far i have 3 and a total of 10 GB online space i use for photo and dox. Same stuff is backed on a few gmail accounts - and some dvdrs and hd’s :wink:

If you mean to share larger files with others then rapidshare.de, files.to and yousendit.com might be something. Since i rely on things i pay for i don’t know how good they are but they are free and popular afaik


I use www.4shared.com. I don’t think they have any download quotas. 50MB uploads; 1 GB of storage for the free account.


Which is searchable, and so is a nice source of material.

Here´s another option…not free but maybe helpful for larger volumes