I need more power connectors


I my PSU has got 5 connectors for hard drives and cd drive (I’m not sure what they’re called), I’m currently using all 5 with 3 hard drives a DVD drive (which hopefully someday soon it’ll be replaced with a DVD writer) and a CDRW drive

I was wondering is there any way of me getting another connector, I was talking to a guy in work and he seems to think I can buy a connector to split the end of 1 lead making it into 2, is this possible and do you know where I could get them? Also, if this is possible is it recommended, I wouldn’t have thought so as it will be taking power away from whatever else is sharing the same cable


It is possible to branch a power cable, recommended and does not take power from another device on the same cable unless your power supply is inadequate for your system.

The power cable adapter you need is called a “Y” Power Cable. At the bottom of the Y shape it has a male connector to connect to the existing cable. The Y branch at the top has female connectors so that two devices may be connected instead of one.

Any place that sells computer supplies will have them.

i’ve got one in my system and i don’t have any problems and my PSU is rated at 260w.

I’m using 3 in my system on a 350W PSU. (5 HD’s, 2 CDRW, 1 DVD and 1 CDROM)