I need info on how to create a data CD with maximum compatibility with Mac-PC

By using NERO.

I tell you this:
I used Roxio EASY MEDIA CREATOR 7. When burning on a PC, everythings is ok.
Hell Roxio even create a beautiful CD Icon when I open it on a mac.

Now with NERO, Datas are readable on Macs but the mess with the filenames! Names are all in Capital cases and truncated to 8 characters.

Is there some settings to do in NERO to get same results like Roxio I mentionned?

Thanks :bow:

sorry double post

No one know?

Enable Joliet support.

It was already enabled. Perhaps it require some Relax settings?? or another type of Character set format?

Also, my CD type in the left CDselector could be wrong (I used CD-ROM (ISO))

Or perhaps Nero simply doesnโ€™t support compatible filename formats.

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