I need iHas524 C unscrambled firmware for crossflashing iHas124 C

I want to crossflash my iHas124 C to iHas524 C but I can’t find the unscrambled firmware for it. I have searched everywhere for an unscrambled firmware for iHas524 C with no result. If someone could upload it or point me to a link, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, is there a way that I can process the firmware found in Firmware HQ so that I can flash it to my iHas124 C?


I now this is and old thread.

I´m new at this but I was able to cross-flash my “Asus 24B1ST c” to “iHAS324 c” and it worked flawlessly.

Thanks to the community.!!!

Like you “marcom1997”, I´ve locked everywhere for an unscrambled firmware for “iHas524 c” with no result.

The thing is that I want to enable the labertag feature on the driver.

The files I founded on Firmware HQ are .exe and they 1.5 MB in size. My Asus 24B1ST c has a 1MB firmware.

Can anyone point me to a .bin file and EEprom file for my drive?
I would be very grateful.

If someone needs the “Asus 24B1ST c” .bin files you let my know and I´ll load then up. Or if I could help in any way.:iagree:

Sorry about my English but Spanish is my native language.

[B]Carena[/B], here you go: http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/0Cyhpq59/file.html

Note that you should use EEPROM Utility 6.2.0 SE after the flashing of iHAS524 C firmware to make your drive work.

Please upload somewhere your “DRW-24B1ST c” .bin firmware :slight_smile:

Thanks man. so f…g amazing and fast:bow:

Thanks for the dumps! Veryfied them - everything is OK, dumps are perfectly correct! :clap:

Waiting for some tests from you on the forums :wink:

Hello Blackened!
Your .bin file worked perfectly. Now i have an iHas524 c :clap:

I must figured out how to use the labertag feature. It turns out that I must have Nero 9 and that´s a quite old version.

In the mean time I’ve burned some games and they are fine. I can copy the game at 100% to the box but the Kprobe’s charts are long way from acceptable:

My ImgBurn settings:

clear OPC :on
Perform OPC before writing:on

Everything is ON but OHT.

Maybe you guys can point me in the right direction.

Except for the spike, that’s not bad.

The first 4 things you list are settings specific to LiteOn. The fifth thing (clear OPC) is not a setting, but a tool to clear out learned media…

If you have only clicked on “Clear OPC” once, that’s fine. (As I said, it’s not a setting, so it doesn’t persist and only activates when you reselect it). But if you keep selecting it, you are undoing the learning that the drive does. Please don’t do that.

That said, FHT (forced HyperTuning) means you are forcing the drive to learn the media from scratch. I do not think you need to do that on MKM 003. Turn that off & test.

On the flip side, OHT (Online HyperTuning) doesn’t learn the disc, but checks the disc more often throughout the burn in case the quality could be better. You can leave this off (it’s useful for some low quality media, or when you have a few bad discs from a lack)… Or you can try to enable it.

Note the drive is programmed to enable HyperTuning for some discs, which cannot be avoided. (That’s why the first option is “Forced” HyperTuning, as the default is “Optional/Automatic” HyperTuning). The drive still has a write strategy for discs when this happens (usually), but the designers knew that some disc types vary quite a bit. I think it may automatically use Online HyperTuning on MKM 003 & other DVD+/-R DL, but I’m not sure.

I know what the first SB is (Smart Burn, an in-drive setting), but what is the second SB, and what is BP? These are ImgBurn settings most people do not report, so I am not familiar with them.

… What was the write speed?

The construction DH24AC a weak drive for testing, a weak reading, if you have some other drive test is a test on it and compare …

Here my tests on it and to compare tests on other drives …

For LebelTag also SmartPackl from LiteOn

:sad: LabelTag Worked

Albert, I wrote SB two times :o
I burned At 4x.

I’m out of DVD-disc so I’ll upload more results soon
I’ll test the settings you wrote.

Here’s an unscrambled copy of the latest LL25 firmware as well, just in case anyone might need it: http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/AbCXgt0A/file.html