I need helpwithfew things

hi im new to the forum and to copying dvds. i was wondering if anyone could tell me are all blank dvds the same size? just tried to copy a dvd and realised the blank i was using wasnt big enough, is there anyway to cut down the size of the original, like getting rid of all the extra footage and stuff u get on them. just wanna copy the film and thats it. but i dunno what files are what, any help would be very much appreciated! thankyou

use dvdshrink my friend, but you should ask these questions in the right subforum

all blank dvds are the same size, exept the new “dual-layer” ones that are double the size (8.5GB), but these are in early stages and very expensive. i recomend as mace1337 said to use DVDShrink, but CloneDVD alond with AnyDVD/Nero Recode along with AnyDVD are another option, but DVDShrink is the best freeware option.

some dvds are diferent sizes, ridata have less capacity than memorex 4x

DVD+R’s are smaller than DVD-R’s, I think its about 7meg smaller I believe. But who cares really, basically they are all the same size give or take a VERY small bit. Also DoubleLayer media is NOT double the size of SingleLayer media.

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Don’t know where you’re getting this info from, but I do dispute it - except for what ChickenMan said about the difference between DVD+Rs & DVD+R DL.