I need help!



Can anyone help?
Ive just bought a HP9110i Since ive had it ive manage to do a couple of audio burns but its seems very unstable.
I am using EZCD v3. I keep gettin buffer underrun errors even if i do it at 1x or 2x.

My system is as follows

Primary master: HDD
Primary Slave: 40x CDROM
Secondary master: HP9110i

400 Celeron processor o/c 500

Can anyone tell me why Im gettin these error messages at such a pitifully low rate?
And can anyone tell me how i can increase this rate without it being so unstable?


if i were you, i would start by putting the cdrom as secondary master, and the cdrw as secondary slave. leave the hd as the primary master. if it is an ide drive, you will need the latest aspi drivers. get those here: http://aspi4all.cjb.net. your biggest problem may be that you are using an old version of easy cd creator. i wouldnt even use ezcd at all, because nero is better. grab that at a cd warez site. if you still have problems after you do all that, email me and i will try and work with you.