I need help!

I just tryed to burn a couple games with Disk Juggular, newer games that just came out…but, it gave me a not enough space on target drive…when i try either to make a cdi image to the hard drive or when i try to go cd to cd…i get this error…what could the problem be…i also got this error trying to burn the boot disc, which i have burn ed before…please help me out

Very strange problem.
How large are the cd’s you are trying to copy? And do you use 74, 80 or 90min cd’s?

Try using clonecd, most new games are protected with somekind of protection. One of these protections makes the content of the cd bigger then it actually is, sometimes up to 5 gigabyte. If this is the case, I’m not sure whether Diskjuggler can copy it correctly.

You should check if like Djewst said, the CD is really big. If this is so, you have a Disc with an Illegal TOC. Nothing special about this and an easy to by-pass protection. Programs like NERO, CDRWin, CloneCD can all copy this. Dunno about DisCJuggler but I think this proggie should also be able to copy it. Search for an option “Ignore Illegal TOC”


thx a lot guys…

hehe thanx, for the extra comment G@M3FR3@K.
‘Illegal TOC’ that was the protection I was looking for.
LOL, I haven’t had problems with this protection for so long that I forgot the name :smiley: