I need help

A Long Time Ago, I bought AnyDVD, but I reformatted the computer cause I had a virus in it, it was screwing everything up, and ummmm I just need to know how I can get my key back, my e-mail is Bor272@aol.com

@ ElBoricua433,

You are a very naive person posting your E-Mail address at a public forum that is viewed by numerous individuals around the world. I would suggest contacting a Forum Moderator and request that they remove your E-Mail address from this posting.

It should be noted in an AnyDVD Forum posting titled “AnyDVD Updates” dated 10 June 05 that Forum Moderator eltranquil cautioned you to make a back up copy of your AnyDVD Registration Key and store it in a safe place in case you ever need it to re-install the AnyDVD software program. It appears that you failed to heed his prudent advice.

Suggest viewing the below link that is prominently and clearly posted at the SlySoft Web Site.


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I failed? what do you want me to do that, I had a virus in my computer that was killing everything because of Spyware, eventually I was gonna lose it when I reformatted, Geez Cut Me Some Slack

What he meant was that you are supposed to put your keys on backup diskettes or other storage media in case you have a catastrophic failure such as you experienced.

Follow the link provided above, I’ll bet they will help. If you are up and running again go back to your old emails if you backed them up or ask your service provider to get you your old email queue back and find the slysoft transaction emails. This would be proof that you are not just looking for a free key or going to provide a crack for the multitudes on the web. Slysoft is cautious about this but not unreasonable from what I hear. They may be able to just look you up… I don’t know, I never had to ask for a key regeneration.

Most think that backing up is an unnecessary task … a major crash can’t happen to me! But everyone eventually experiences a major reformat/reinstall HDD need at some point and learns the lesson to back up all data regularly.

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@ ElBoricua433,

I was just reminding you that in fact if you had heeded Forum Moderator’s eltranquil warning of 4 months ago to make a back up copy of your AnyDVD Registration Key and stored it in a safe place (floppy disk, CD, Zip Drive, DVD, or any other storage device) you would not be in the predicament that you currently find yourself in.

Explain if in fact you had placed your AnyDVD Registration Key on a floppy disk, CD, Zip Drive, DVD, or any other storage device and stored in a safe place 4 months ago that now after a virus attack and reformatting your hard drive that you would not be able to retrieve your AnyDVD Registration Key and install a new copy of the AnyDVD software program.

This is a very well worn Forum topic discussed many numerous times through out the Forum. I find it very ironic that you participated in a Forum posting topic concerning lost AnyDVD Registration Key and was specifically cautioned by Forum Moderator eltranquil to safeguard your AnyDVD Registration Key and still after this warning you could not take the simple step to make a back up of your AnyDVD Registration Key.

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