I need help wth the cd-freaks shop

Help, help,

i bought at ebay at the cd-freaks-shop-related ebay shop “SKSrohlinge”
DVD’s for more than 400 EUR. I bought them at July, 16th and payed them immediately.
'Till now I don’t get contact to the tel-nrs. at the shop.cdfreaks.com which are the same numbers on the eBay site from SKSrohlinge.

Now I wait more then 3 weeks for my DVD’s and don’t get in contact with SKSRohlinge or shop.cdfreaks.com.
Who knows what has happend. On the homepage of the shop, holiday ended at 31. of July, but neither yesterday nor today I ge t contact.
What happend?

Thanks in advance


Don’t know what happened, but they were on vacation from the 13th to the 31st if I am not mistaken. Today it is early August 2…
If I am out for almost 3 weeks, I know I have a lot of catching up to do so I imagine they do as well. All I can say at the moment is that you give it a few more tries. If that fails, you can perhaps contact Domin8tor through PM, maybe hey can help you get in contact…

Hi mawag01, welcome to the forums.

You could try to send DoMiN8ToR a private message.

You can also try to contact them at

Het telefoonnummer is 00352 26375227.

Romstore Luxembourg SA
Rue de Capellen 28
L-8279 Holzem

TVA: LU 19935988

Tel: 00352 26375227
Fax: 00352 26375228
MOB1: 0032 (0) 495 28 95 73
MOB2: 0032 (0) 498 10 78 86

Seems Da_Taxman got here first :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answers. I daily tried to get in contact at the number you told me, 'till now in vain.
So now I try to send a mail to the domin8tor, I hope i find the emai-Adress from him

Thank you very much


Now I’m really a little bit afraid about loosing my money. I still got no reply from the shop and DoMiN8ToR didn’t answer my privat message.
I still hope to get my DVD’s or my money back.
Does anybody else have problems with the shop ?


I think i can safely say the CdFreaks shop is an honest shop based on my experiences. In the past i have ordered there numerous times and always got quality material in decent packaging.

I think they’re just a little busy. Please be patient. Not all people are at their computers 24/7 and check their email five times a day.

Do you have a customer number, order number and details of your order? Did you include this information in the private message? Don’t post them here, because everyone on the internet can read these forum messages.

Domin8tor has not responded to a message of mine either…and I like to think that I am not one to be ignored by him (I know where he lives… evil grin)…so I thing he is genuinly busy…

And I too have order from that shop (that is in actuality a third party hosted at CD Freaks domain) and so far always got what I ordered (sometimes even more)…but then again, I am biased


I’m really shocked. I still nobody can reach, either by telefon nor by skype or by eMail. The shop seems to be dead. Domin8tor also still didn’t answer.


On a sunday? Well, that’s not a real surprise to me :slight_smile:

Ok, but now it’s monday, 5 to 11 and there is still nobody reachable by phone. Holiday is over since 1 week. eBay told me to go to police and I already have printed out everthing needed. Today I’m busy but tomorrow I’ll go to police. I’ll tell you what happens in the next days.