I Need Help With Ut2k4! Plz



my last post wa somehow taken down a moderator who could not concieve
from my post that i do own an actual cd-key and had recived it as a gift from a person who paid for it (meaning the software was paid for)

i wanted to noe how to make ut2k4 run from alcohols virtual drive if anyone noes how this is possible and can share the info i thank you in advance


I can give you some of the reasons why your post was taken down.

im still looking for a place where i can get a free copy of it by the way
Asking for places where you download Alcohol for free is not allowed. If you want to use the trial version you can it from their website. If you like it then please support them by buying it from there website.

i have all the ut2k4 deviance files

Deviance is a group that release warez onto the internet. This is a topic that isn’t allowed on these forums. If you like the game then buy it.

i also have a real cd-key thx to one of my good friends

This sounded like you friend to was using the key which is basically theft and is also not allowed on these forums. If your friend bought the game and is using the key then no-one else is allowed to use it.

I hope this explains why your last post was taken down.


why running ut2k4 from a v-drive???
install the newest patch - cd/dvd-detection is officially removed with the newest patch…
(ok, it was removed with patch 1, but the new one patch 2 does it also… :wink: )


use twinpeaks then mount the image with alcohol


Why would you do this?
Twinpeaks is not needed if you are running from an image.



:iagree: twinpeaks is only needed when making a disc. It is used to emulate the twin sectors along the spiral track


I just made a backup of my UT24k DVD, using Securom *NEW setting, and applied the latest offical patch, which as mentioned, removes the CD check altogether.


I know that.
Did you read the post by Liquid~*~?
He said - “use twinpeaks then mount the image with alcohol”

This makes no sense at all.



Twinpeaks is only used to insert the twin sectors into the image. A Twinpeaked image should’nt run on a virtual drive.