I need help with THE SIMS


i would like to copy the game the sims but i know it has a thing that won’t let me copy it, i have been on game copyworld but i could not find a crak and could some one tell me ,if i get one, how to use it

you can copy it by using cloncd,
make an image first and then burn the image

To use a crack from www.gamecopyworld.com you would copy all files & folders to your harddrive and then extract the cracked exe file 2 the location you copied 2. You can then burn all files 2 CD and the copy protection will be gone.
However, the best way 2 go is a 1:1 copy since you cannot update a cracked / patched game without getting a new crack /patch.
CloneCD can do it for you but if your burner / reader is not support then try the newest Beta version of Blindread which has many new improvements.

If you can`t find the crack on Gamecopyworld.
Try http://www.megagames.com

I`ve found the crack for SIMS there and even some other goodies

Look at the post "Long Copy Times with Clone That is the game I am having problems copying.

thanks everyone who gave there advise, should i download cloneCD THAT THE SOUTHENER SAID IN HIS TOPIC? What url can i get it from? and has anybody successfully copyed the sims on a cd and it works cause i would really a be gratefull for the help!!!


I’ve just copied it.
I’ve used Winoncd.
Just copy the cd to your harddiskand even the copy protection. Download a crack put it in the same directory and burn it.
happy gaming

thaks SeMiOnE or what ever you are called.

i need some more help,

  1. where can i download it,
  2. could you send me an email and atache it cause there are so many


Sorry, i replied so late, have been busy.
It’s the File SIMS10.zip
nfo: cracked exe. no CD. backup CD
Hope you know enough none.
greetz SeMiOnE.
for email: semione_ml@hotmail.com