I need help with Super Compressing files



Hello peer’s i need help with Super Compressing a file on my Pc it is 222mb…

I got winrar but it only compress it to 219mb…

i have a intel core 2 duo E6600 @ 2.40 , 2.41ghz with 4mb catche / 2gb ram / 320gb HDD.

plz help me… Thank you


why would you need to? , anyway i havnt tried it myself but ive heard that kgb archiver can do quite incredible compression but it can take hours even days to compress & several hours to decompress


Oh kool…

So what is the best compresser out there to use…

it just i a website owner and i have file & ect… to upload that we make :slight_smile:


If the file is audio, video or image, it won’t compress much, if at all.