I need help with setup.bat someone please help me :(

Hej people
i really need help with this
if i run my .bat things i get an error and i says that the document already in us is becouse of an other program i dont know what to do please help me :frowning:
and sorry about my english its verry bad:p

Um … more info?

Please post the contents of your .BAT file

Try Unlocker and see if it helps. It frees up files and folders in use by other programs by right clicking on them.

its verry stange becouse all my .bat stuff i think batch is the whole name but all my .bat programes say the same thing that an other program is using it

the unlocker doesnt work to:(

debro is willing to help you, but you’re still not posting the info he asked for…

contents what do ya mean im big noobie in this stuff:p

by contents he means what is inside the .bat file? what are the batch commands?

ah that way okay i will have a look
echo off
@echo decompressing game data… will take a LONG while
@uharc x dvnpak1.dvn
@uharc x dvnpak2.dvn
@uharc x dvnpak3.dvn
@dvnwrap redist.exe
@echo doing some funky stuff
@tg_2tga.exe *.tg_

@call dupecopy.bat

@echo rebuilding bigfiles will take time but its worth it =)
@cocbigf maps_big
@cocbigf terrain_big
@cocbigf textures_big
@cocbigf Audio_big
@cocbigf AudioEnglish_big
@cocbigf Speech_big
@cocbigf SpeechEnglish_big

@echo deleting some unessecary files

@del uharc.exe >nul
@del *.dvn >nul
@del tg_2tga.exe >nul
@del dvnwrap.exe >nul
@del *inj.exe >nul
@del redist.exe >nul
@del cocbigf.exe >nul
@del dupecopy.bat >nul
@echo Game decompressing / rebuilding / booring stuff is done go play :stuck_out_tongue:
@echo this game took 2 nights to ripp i hope you enjoy it.
@echo /dvn tagteam (ripped by the snake, the rhino, the moose and the lion=)


this is the stuff but its not only this .bat programm it are all the .batt programms even the ones i installend about 1 year ago :S

What’s your download source for this piece of software and what are you expecting it to do? It looks like a cracked game to me, but I could be wrong of course… ;).

I believe it to be a cracked game also.

I’d guess so, too. :slight_smile:

@BlackDragon: Have another look at the rules, then PM me if this is legit.

Edit: Thanks for your PM. Choose a less suspicious .bat file to list, if it is really all your .bat files on the computer that aren’t working.

Thread open.

k people its not only about the game but it are alle the .bat files there is something in my computer wrong i gues. Okay this is what it says if i try to open a .bat file: this file is at present used by a another programme.

so its not only about the game its just the whole .bat stuff:p

Sorry, would make no sense to me.
You won’t need .bat files under normal circumstances these days.

Some people still use it and need it under normal circumstances, so is Dos illegal to use as well because you don’t need it under normal circumstances :confused:

I still use DOS for deleting files which explorer thinks are still in use :wink:
I still use dos for many, many things.

At any rate, any game which still uses a “Bat” file in the way above is sooo old, I’d expect it’d be public domain anyway.

@Original Poster:
Please remove the “@” from every line in the bat file (right click and “edit”) and then run it again.
Tell us at which point it is failing :wink:

I find it odd that every “.bat” file you have is failing.
The only things I can suggest is that you’ve associated them with another program.
You’re running these “Bat”'s in a read-only folder, ie from a CD.

i cant edit the .bat file :confused:

You can edit the .bat file with the Windows standard text editor; ‘NotePad’.

As debro says, are you trying to run these files from a CD?

nope not from a cd