I need help with my poor NEC 1300A DVD Burner, please!



My burner didn’t function at all yesterday(not due to a bad flash). But, after I checked out this forum and I found out that My burner is in so called “Safe Mode”. I did re-flash the 1300a(it will became 1100a in safe mode) to 1300a in DOS mode but it told me flash error when it was about to finish flashing. (No matter what dos flasher I use, it still show me the same results) But BINFLASH showed me a different result, it indicate the following:

Error when entering safe mode bank 1.

Since bank 1 of the memory can’t be written unless using some hacked firmware.

So I would like to know if anyone could give me some suggestion or some links to me.

Thank you! :bow: :bow: :bow:


If your burner is attached to an external enclosure try removing it from there and use an IDE controller instead. If you’re already using an IDE controller but you have installed any non-Microsoft IDE drivers, try to switch back to Microsoft drivers.
You could also try to boot to real DOS and use TDB’s DOS flasher.


Thanks Liggy, I have already flashed the drive with nec1x00.exe dos flash. However it still doesn’t work. And I did not use any external enclosure or ide controller. I connect my burner with secondary master cable only without any slave device.

So is there still another way to flash my drive. I believed that I’ve seen one of your post saying that you could hack the bank 1 memory block and hacked into the safe mode. Maybe I might need that crack or please recommand me something else.

Thank you!


No. You probably misread something. I looks like something in your drive is broken somehow. You might try a different IDE cable or a different PC, but if that doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to buy a new drive.