I Need Help With My Plextor 716sa

I bought a plex PX 716SA (SATA) and installed it on a abit AN8, well the drive can play movies, music, and generally read any CD/DVD I put in. What it doesn’t do is BURN, it will not copy anything. If I sellect an image to copy it will start the process and just sit on 1% forever. What the F@#%$ is going on here? Please help, at this point I am not a happy plextor owner!

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Sorry for the late answer.

The onboard sata controller are not compatible with optical devices. http://www.plextor.com/english/support/px-716sa%20motherboard%20compatability%20listing.htm

What the exact name of your mainboard.


According to this post the 716sa are supported at AN8 http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1376392&postcount=4

Try updating the chipset drivers for your motherboard. If you have a 2nd sata controller, try that as an alternate.