I need help with my new Benq 1620



I just bought a Benq 1620 DVD bulk (does not say Benq on faceplate). It shows up as “ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16” Firmware is “G7L9”. On the Benq site, they have firmware for the bulk and the retail drives as seperate downloads. What is the difference? What firmware should I update to? Also, what is the difference between the 1620, 1620A, 1620 Pro?



I am far from a BenQ expert, but Ill do my best to answer your question and let the experts correct me on the finer details.

The difference is that you can crossgrade to the B firmware from the G firmware, but that might depend on your level of experience with PCs. It also supposedly voids your warranty. So that might depend on how paranoid you are.

From what I’ve read - you can go up to G7T9 [I’m using B7T9 in my drive with very good results]. The jury is still out on the improvements [or lack there of] on B7U9. Some people like it and some people do not.

Diff between 20 and 20A is one is the bulk and one is BenQ. I’m not sure which is which. As to the 1620 pro, if you put the G7T9 firmware on your drive you basically have the equivalent of the 1620 pro. It was basically only a firmware update.

Link to G7T9:

If you don’t upgrade to anything else, at least upgrade to G7P9 - that seems to be the most well rounded and best accepted firmware for the 1620.

I hope this helps!

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no difference in the hardware of the 1620, 1620 A, & 1620 PRO. Bulk or OEM drives basically don’t come with software and the firmwares for them are the “G” series although i did have a OEM with the “B” firmware. “B” firmware comes with the RETAIL drives.

you can crossflash your “G” firmware to the “B” firmware by downloading the WINDWFLASH.EXE file & B7P9 CVT.FILE from this site: http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BENQ_FW.htm
to flash your drive make sure your drive is empty, turn off all programs running in the background like antivirus software. you may flash your drive in safemode. double click the WINDXFLASH.EXE, direct it to where the B7P9 CVT. FILE is then flash the drive and reboot the pc when the flash is done. check device manager to see if the drive will now read BENQ.

you can then download the latest official firmware B7V9 from the BENQ SITE or from the above site.



Thanks for those basic informations very important for a new owner! In addition, could you explain if there is an interrest to crossgrade from “G” to “B” for an OEM drive?



Hmm, weird. I think I bought Bulk/ Oem (guarantee card says Benq, there’s Benq sign on top of recorder, but not on faceplate), and it had B firmware.


>>Hmm, weird. I think I bought Bulk/ Oem (guarantee card says Benq, there’s Benq
>>sign on top of recorder, but not on faceplate), and it had B firmware.

Same here, no logo on faceplate and firmware B7U9 (march, 2005).

Nevermind, there’s a procedure to go B7x9 from G series.


Maybe there is a faceplate shortage…


What is the major difference between “G” and “B” firmware? Is “B” actually better? Are they the same code? Why would you want to crossflash to “B”, so the drive shows up as BENQ like a regular Retail version, or are there other reasons?


One of the reasons for flashing to Bxxx FW is that you turn your OEM into a Pro version and you can then use QSuite with B7U9 FW and above. Really personal preference as to the Firmware you want to use and if you have no use for Qsuite then try the different versions of Gxxx FW until you find one that suits you.:slight_smile:


Nearly all bulk 1620’s are now being shipped with B firmware exactly the same as retail. I assume Benq now only propose to issue updates in B firmware.


I don’t think OEMs come with BenQ faceplates.