I need help with my LTD163

:a Ok, I have a LiteOn DVD-ROM LTD163 and It doesn’t read ANYTHING!!! I tried putting Dvds and Cds and then i try opening it and it says “Please Insert Disk in Drive” Or something like that… so ok i checked everywhere and someone told me Uninstall the drive and then restart the computer so i did it and it doesn’t work! so then someone told me to us the roll back thing and it still didn’t work because it doesnt have a backup file or something like it! Soo I was hoping someone could tell me where to find the driver:confused: ok if someone could help me pleeeaaassseee make sure it works for a HP Pavilion 533c, Windows XP Proffessional :doh: I Think that this is about it…:sad: Please help :sad:

A simple search will find you this:

Quote by Nemesys

[I]There are two models of this drive and the both use different firmware.
There is the LTD-163 and the LTD-163D.
Plus there is also an OEM LTD-163 from Dell.[/I]

You need to find the right firmware for your model and reflash the drive, afterwards it will work again. If you don’t know which firmware to use reply to this with the correct model number and I will send you the firmware

Of course, it may just be that the drive has died. The Ltd-163, whilst an excellent drive, is getting very long in the tooth now.