I need help with my games

hello everybody I’m new here and I need to know something, can I back up my PS2 games? and will they play in my ps2?I just bought the DVDFab Platinum so any help will be good thanks…

Hi lamor32
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Yes DVDFab Platinum will backup your PS2 games you have to use the Clone Mode and will also have to make a change in common settings, in common settings set Booktype by putting a check in the box
and you will need to use Swap Magic Disc’s and a slid tool, you can do a google search for it

ok thank yuo very much stormjumper I’ll do that see if I get any luck…

Good luck, and happy burning my friend

You can also install a mod chip or have one installed or purchase a pre modified PS2 Gaming Console.

I use HD loader to back up my games and the best thing is you dont need to use up discs to back them up, just buy a network adapter and a harddrive I used maxtor 120GB. You can get the software most places and you dont need to open the PS2 up, you do need the old style thick PS2 or you can get a USB version of HDloader or HDadvance to use with the new thin version.

Hey Yo Scott
Please give more detail on…[U]you can get a USB version of HDloader or HDadvance to use with the new thin version[/U] :confused:

I have the new Thin version and this sounds good :bigsmile:

Here you go, the USB version is called USBextreme


You can get it here.


thank you very much for all your help, man I love this place you people are so nice…

Hi lamor32
That is what Makes CD Freaks the [B]BEST[/B] forum on the web

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