I need help with my 716a pleaseee



I Have A 716a Internal Plextor…it Has Been Working Marvelous For Two Months…i Use Roxio 6 Creator Classic To Back Up My Movies.well About A Week Ago My Computer Gave Me A Blue Screen Stop Code.i Couldnt Remove Nor Burn A Dvd…i Finally Removed Roxio With A Windows Unistaller…still Wouldnt Work…i Finally Reinstalled Windows To Start Fresh…roxio Now Finally Works…now The Issue Is That My Plextor Acts Like It Burns A Dvd.but Then It Freezes.it Does Not Recognize The Dvd…i Ve Been Using Ritek Before So Its Not The Media…then I Finally Said Let Get A New Burner To See If Its The Burner…nothing Nothing…i Just Dont Get It…then I Took It To My Friends House Thinking Its My Computer…nothing It Still Does The Same Thing…roxio Is Fine. All The Connections Is Fine …i Just Dont Get It At All …can Someone Hell Ppp Mmeeeeee …hit Me As Quick As Possible


run the drive’s self-diagnostic test (detailed in the manual)…

p.s. your SHIFT key seems to be broken :stuck_out_tongue:


I Have Done It Whats Funny Is That It Worked On Verbatim…and Fuji And Ritek Failed It Never Ejected…but Its Weird Because It Burns Cds…and It Did The Same Thing With A New Burner…can Software Currupt A Dvd Burner…


i don’t quite understand what you’re saying…

you performed the self-diagnostic test? and it didn’t report anything wrong? or it didn’t report anything wrong with the Verbatim disc but didn’t eject the other 2?

if you did a fresh install of Win XP and Roxio, make sure your ASPI layers are installed properly. do a search on these forums for “ASPI”.

if it didn’t work in your friend’s computer, sounds like a bum drive though…

and no, software generally cannot corrup a drive.


just bought a pioneer 16 times same shit …dont know what the hell is going on…


sounds like your PC (hardware and/or software) is the cause of your issues, i wouldn’t point at the drives as causing the problems.


What’s the media ID code of your Ritek media? If it’s G05 then forget it: your burner doesn’t support these discs (yet). You can check the media ID with software like DVD Identifier.


if he’s having issues with a Pioneer drive too, i highly doubt it’s the media, and most likely it’s a software/hardware configuration issue or conflict.


Use windows support system. It might report software conflits. It has for me in the past…


Hi Polo110!

Blue Screens…humm…as Overclocker also, i could almost say that your PC has Memory problems…but, like it was said before me, its some kind of Hardware problem!
Check out, your PC with some Kind of Toast program, to see if your pc chrashs! Hot Cpu for instance! Or, you can play a game for 30 minutes! Also its a good test for the Hardware…
Personally, i dont like Roxio. I have the idea of “agressive” software installation/Unstallation, causing sometimes conflicts…but that´s my openion…
If you have also a Board Nforce 2 ( like me!), don`t install Nvidia drivers! It can cause conflitcs with the Plextor 716A!
Again, it can be something so simple like a defective IDEcable, that give you problems! Did you try another one?
I hope we could help you!