I Need help with dvd2one

Im having problems with dvd2one. I used smartripper to decode and all went well. Then I tried to use dvd2one and this is what happened. I choose the source and destination, created a new empty VIDEO_TS folder. I hit next. I selected the main movie, the part that is longest, I hit next again, I selected the audio tracks,subtitles, Angle1, and hit next to convert it to one Dvd.
Here’s where it gets weird. It starts to transcode and shows aproximently 20 minutes. Then in about 3 seconds it says that its completed. When I check to see the files, they total only about 8mb total. For some reason its not transcoding everything ,it should be about 4gb. I tried all different settings and it did not help,it keeps doing the same thing. I’d really appreciate any help.
Heres my system: AMD 850mhz
512mb ram
Win ME
Toshiba Sdr5002

make sure on the screen that states “Select the files you want to process” That you are highlighting the main movie. Look for title with longest time.

If you’re using v1.0.1 or 1.0.2, check to see that your size input on your first page is not a very small amount.

Yes, I highlighted the longest and biggest one. It has to be something else wrong. Please help. thanks

try useing this OPEN
select the drive the dvd is in

click mode go to file mode

that will select the movie file for you

go to tools and select settings
in general make sure macrovision removal is ticked

on file mode
make sure you have a tick in
select main movie files

remove ifo/bup rc protection
remove ifo/bup rce protection
remove ifo/bup puos

now click dvd and sit back and watch it store on your drive

once done open dvd2one

On the first screen, select the source and destination directories

On the second screen, select the title that contains the main feature

On the third screen, select the audio tracks and subtitles you want to include in your copy. It is recommended to include only those audio tracks you really need. This saves additional space for the video stream.
Also select the angle you want to keep. Usually the first one is the one you want. This feature is mostly used by studio’s to display texts and credits in different languages according to match the audio language you have chosen. For instance on Star Wars it is used for the 3D scrolling intro text.

Then click the Start button and processing begins

sit back and wait till its ready

now time to burn

Make sure that the files are in a VIDEO_TS directory.and you have a AUDIO_TS (U MAY NEED TO MAKE THIS ONE)

Make sure that the disk name, directory name and file names are in CAPITALS.

I used record now
click on file new job data disc

select the drive your rip the dvd to
select the 2 folders you want burn {VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS}
and then click record


I’ll give it a try tonight, but I have to use SmartRipper. When I try to use “dvd-decrypter” I get all kinds of messages…not sure exactly but something about “region” and “Aspi”. I did download from Roxio the “Aspi” and installed and I also installed a region free program(one of those 30 days free trials). I use the Aspi check and it was fine, but when I re-tryied Dvd-Decrypter I got the same error messages. At this time I used SmartRipper and it seem to work well. It took about 1 hour to decode Harry Potter movie which is a DVD-9. When I started Dvd2one it showed everything like it should have. I identified the correct files and when I clicked next to start the program they showed up and the time was showing about 20 minutes to translate, but like it said the program started and lasted under 5 seconds and said it was done? It did not translate the largest files that I identified and marked. Another question, should the AUDIO_TS be a folder in the VIDEO_TS directory? or should the AUDIO_TS be a seperate directory itself? Thanks for your help, I really do appreciate it. Its nice when you have problems and people in the forum try to help.

used version 3.1.40 of dvd decrypter u will find it at www.dvddecrypter.com also u have to make a seperate audio folder with nothing in it to burn later ps : dvd decrypter used the default settings in file mode