I need help with DVD Shrink, Please Help!

Whenever I try to shrink a DVD with DVD Shrink I always get this error "Failed to read file “D:/” Then it says, Data Error (File Redundancy Check). I get this error with every DVD I try. Ive tried using my dvd reader on my laptop and my burner which is a NEC 3500 to try extracting the movie with DVD Shrink but to no avail. I have even tried using different movies but it still doesnt work. I have even downloaded different versions but to no avail. Please help. :confused:

you say you are extracting the movie with dvd shrink? you should use dvd decrypter or smartripper to extract. if there is macrovision on your movie that could be what is causing the error message

you can use dvd decryper and dvd shrink together. dvd decrypter to rip,dvd shrink to reencode, and dvd decrypter to burn dvd.