I need help with dvd shrink and nero

Hey. I have Nero 7.10 and I was wondering how I can burn a DvD I copyed with dvd shrink using Nero. It put the dvd into a Video_ts, and Audio_ts folder. Now how do I burn that? And another question. Isnt there a way to have Nero automatically start upo after Dvd Shrink is finihed backing up? Then all I’d have to do is hit burn or something? If so, please help. THank you

If you want to do the burning separately, then use the Nero Burning ROM and select the ‘DVD-Video’ template.

To get it done automatically, start up DVD Shrink, then from the menu select:

Edit -> Preferences -> File I/O tab -> then mark the checkbox towards the bottom.

Open Shrink and look under Edit->Preferences->File I\O. Make sure the box next to “Enable burning with Nero” has a check mark in it.

When you are set to compress the dvd, hit Backup. You should see a drop down list that says Select Backup Target. Hit the little arrow on the right and you should see your dvd burner listed under Burn with Nero. Select it here.

To burn your current set of files, make a dvd-video with Nero. Start Nero Burning Rom, select DVD-Video and hit New. Drag the Video_TS folder to the left side of the window, make a label and start burning.

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