I need help with a cd writer

I have a " LG CD-RW CED-8083B " CD writer. It is a total pain in the butt. You can only burn .WAV files it wont burn MP3. So I have to try to find a converter of some kind. I had one before but I recently reformatted my whole computer and now I can not find a converter program anywhere. Is there not some way to get around this stupid crap other than buy a new burner? Is there not a new driver or something that will allow my burner to burn MP3 files??? I am so exasperated … PLEASE HELP ME SOON someone. Thanks

What do you mean it can not burn mp3? To make mp3s audible in stereos you have to use a program that will decode them to wav again, a process that has nothing to do with the burner. I suggest Nero or Feurio.

I’m pretty sure that burners will just burn the files that you give them. Be that Img, ISO, exe, avi, jpg, doc or mp3.

It could be that your burner doesn’t convert your wav files to mp3. This would be normal. The burner justs burns what the program tells it to. Maybe you should try another burning program.


You may want to try a wav converter program then. By simple putting “wav to mp3 converter” into a search engine you should come up with about 500 links to try out.