I need help to make dvd



I have alot of mixed martial arts fight tapes and dvd’s. I want to take my favorite fights from each of them and transfer them to a few dvd’s. I want to have chapters so I can skip right to the fight i want to watch and i want to watch them on a dvd player. I am new to dvd burning so I would like some help on what products i would need to do this. Thanks in advance.


Transfering movies from one dvd to another is not that hard, have a look at the tutorials in the AVI and DVD Authoring forum.

Transfering from tape is another matter as you will need a video capture card (useually bundled with a graphics card). If you want to look into it then goto ATI’s site


For VHS tapes,you need three things,the aforementioned video capture card,either NeroVision Express 2 or TMPG Enc DVD Author
(these last two can enable you to get your favorite fights with chapters,so you can skip from one to the other) and a DVD writer
I recommend any of the Sony writers since,I got the first generation (see below) and I’m still cranking them out… Good Luck… :cool: Any other questions,I’ll check back to try to help you…:bow: