I need help to choose between

I people! I’m new in this forum… I came here to ask you to help me to choose between two DVD burners…


  1. BENQ DVD DD DW1650 Firmware Version: BCHC
  2. Samsung TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-W162D Firmware Version: TS01

I don’t know which is better… please tell me…

I’m in Guatemala, Central America and the brand BENQ is new in our country… is not popular than samsung and that’s the reason I came here with the experts :wink:

In the US, benq is a very known brand. They are actually an offshoot of one of the older manufactures (teac I think but I could be way off on that). Benq burners are considered among the best overall. My only personal experience with a benq 1650 was one I setup in a computer for someone else. The drive took a little tweeking (the drive can error scan so scan and see what firmeware is the best and defanatlly enable solid burn). My benq 1640 (actually its a plextor with plex firmware but the drive is actually a 1640) works great right out of the box.
All I can say is, it is among the top drives overall (not specifically the 1650, but the 1650/1655 and recent liteons). I unfortunatlly cannot comment on the samsung as I am not farmiliar with it. Perhaps someone else can offer an opinion about the samsung. The benq is a safe bet and should burn well with a little setting up (a few test burns and seting changes).

My Benq 1650 is a nice drive & between the 2 you quote it’s the Benq I’d take. I’m using BCFC though. For some BCHC gives problems, others find it great though.

The new Samsung 18x burner looks quite good though but I’d still prefer the Benq or a Pioneer 111D as these are sound , well supported drives.

ok… then I’m going to choose the BenQ… :stuck_out_tongue: any other suggestion?