I NEED HELP sucessfully backing-up The sims 2

Hi people newbie here asking for your infinite wisdom :bow:

I am currently trying to burn a sucessful copy of the first disc of the sims two (CD VERSION!!) with the latest version of clone CD (as of 27.7.06). But since i am not sure this will work i am asking for your help.

I have read in other threads to set the burn and read speeds to a very low setting, I have set to burn the the disc at 4X but i do not know how to set the read speed if this is possible. :confused:

I have also seen it depends a lot on hardware now whether these discs copy correctly so i ask if my burner drive is up to standard (i will leave my full PC spec at the end of my post). :confused:

I have read about mounting the ISO on a virtual drive too, should i resort to this if my hardware/software isn’t good enough to create a working clone disc? :confused:

Thanks in advance people, and please give me any other tips you know if i need them.

my PC spec

Intel pentium 4, 2.80GHz processor
Window XP SP2 operating system
Maxtor 6L160M0 145GB Hard drive
DVD - ROM drive (unknown details)
NEC 16X DVD +/- RW Drive, 48X CDRW drive