I need help shrinking a file using DVDshrink

Hello all,

I’m new to the DVDshrink program, and would like to shrink 1 VOB file (the feature presentation) down to 700mb and leave it on the hdd, to be converted to mpeg4 for play on a psp at a later date (using other software, that I know how to fully operate/use).

My question is, how do I actually go about ripping the file down to 700mb?

I’ve gone to Edit > Preferences, and changed the Target DVD size to Custom, then down to 700mb. I’ve then gone to Output Files and made sure that the split VOB files option is ticked off. But yet when ripping the feature presentation over only, it comes up in the end in a file thats just over 3.5Gb!

I must be going wrong somewhere and would greatly appreciate it if someone could walk me through it. Thanks alot,


After setting output size at 700 MB try this.

Select Re-author mode, select the title containing the segment you want to retain, drag&drop the title in the left panel, and right click on the title. Select “Start-End frames” and move slivers for start and end points. Then press the backup button.

This should work :slight_smile:

Well thanks very much for the tip geno. I’ve tried all that, setting the output size to 700mb and removing the credits at the end of the film, using the Set Start/End Frames option

but I get the Target Size Exceeded warning

with a file output size much larger than the one specified/desired - 700mb :frowning:


Hey Captain,

Wouldn’t it just be alright to use DVDShrink to copy the movie to your harddrive at that 3.5GBs and then use the other program to convert to Mpg4 down to 700MBs??
Or are you trying to get the MPG4 smaller?

i have the same problem i ripped to 6gb what do i use to shrink the file now??


DVD Shrink , which is what this thread is about.

I use a program called Cucusoft PSP Video Converter to convert the files from AVI to Mpg4, MBK, and there’s little in the way of features included with that program

I’m not even sure, it might just be that this file can’t go any lower than 3.5g because if I’m doing it all right, and it’s not getting any smaller, I might just be stuck having to work with it :frowning: It is a pretty long movie, the Godfather pt1 - fairly long! :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I can get the entire feature into one file on the hdd, that’s a positive at any rate :wink:


Cucusoft PSP Video Converter doesn’t have an option to lower the bitrate for the convertion? The lower the bitrate you can make, the smaller the final size…However, the lower the bitrate the poorer the quality, even on a mini screen.

lol okay, it does have that option :o

Thanks I might try the idea you suggested. If I can get it down to somewhere under 2g, and its watchable, that might be just about as good. Would like to fit two movies if I can onto a 4g stick thou maybe that would be pushing it with this higher bitrate :wink:

Cheers I’ll inform you all on how things go when i try this out,


It will be pushing it if you are planning to view it on another PC screen or laptop. But you can try since it will be only a time investment if it isn’t acceptable.

No it would probably just be watched on the psp. If I have my pc or laptop available, or someone else’s, would watch the dvd vers of it. This is just to try and get a copy on it onto the psp for portable viewing, so I can figure out how to get other stuff onto it also at a later date :slight_smile: