I need help plxx (..with connecting to Demonoid)



hey guyss can u tell me i cant open this site demonoid.com it says that network tcp eroor somethin like taht can u help me out plx


Moved to the P2P forum.


can someone plxx tell me wat should i do




i try it a 100 times a day i guess still no use


Its probably been blocked by your ISP.


then teelll mee how to unblk it plxx u knw ny soft or nythin i triedd hot spot shieldd no use


Try early on a Friday


lolxx ohkkzz


Shahs … read this article it will answer your question :cool:


ohk thxx soull


wel lthat means that the demonoid site is gone lol hehe ohkx


That info is a bit old… I checked the site and it says the forums are all down right now so there is a chance they will get up and running again … but probably not for long … Torrent sites are getting blocked by ISP’s all over the world :slight_smile:

You may want to check with your ISP as to whether they have started to block torrent sites


yeah something is funny on your end because i just logged in. august 10th 2:33 pm cst