I need help! please!



I have a fujitsu siemens notebook that i have had for a few years and it come with a dvdr and i have not added anything else to this. I have made a few backup dvds and have had no problems. I have downloaded dvdfab the new version and i have successfully copied 1 dvd. The problem is now that it wont reconise that a dvd is in the drive, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt. It is very frustrating and when it does reconise there is a dvd it will not copy it and comes up with an error message. I have searched n this forum and have come up with the following

  1. i used to have clone dvd but i uninstalled it so is there another issue i need to address with clone.
  2. would my dvd player be looked to a region and the other dvds im having problems with are another region again?
    im stuck and stressed and im not to great with computers. any help ould be much apperciated


Welcome 5immo,

I moved your thread to our copy dvd movie forum.