I need help please

My samsung SH-S182M burner has been working fine for about a year now im have problems. Every time i burn a DVD the disk has multiple rings on the back and when i chek wats on the disk the file names are there but im not able to do anything with them. every time i dbl click 1 to open it it freezes. if u no wats rong please tell me how to fix it step by step since im not too good with this stuff

Tha rings should have no impact on the readability.

Then do you have any other idea of why it doesnt work? i can burn cds fine but dvds never work

What brand of DVDs do you use, and have you always used that brand? At what speeds do you burn?

I use memorex DVD-R i usually use this brand. i burn it at 16x and tried 8x but still didnt work

Use Verbatim dvd media instead of Memorex. :wink: