I need help opening .BUP files on a mac, i need to edit them


I’m trying to open a dvd my friend made to re edit it, i don’t have the original so i need to find out how i can copy it from the dvd.

thanks yasi

.BUP files are just copies of the .IFO files in the VIDEO_TS folder of a DVD Video disk.

Given that you’re trying to modify a DVD that your friend made (i.e no CSS), you should be able to copy the contents of the disk to your hard drive using whatever passes for a file explorer on the Mac. After that, I’d visit www.videohelp.com/tools and search for Mac based DVD editing software.



heya i cant even watch the dvd yet does that matter? :smiley:

If you can’t get a DVD Video to play on your computer, then it is possible that it wasn’t written correctly. You may be able to extract the av data (if it’s there in the first place) or you may not. On a PC I’d say check out Isobuster, IsoPuzzle and/or Vobedit; I don’t know if any of these work with Macs.