I need help on putting films on to dvd disc's

i need help on putting films on to dvd disc’s, what type of file do i need to look for to put the film onto the disc and what is a good cheep or free dvdrip program

thnaks for your help


DVD Fab Decrypter is free. If you are making movies, it is a .vob file.

When you say Films, what is the source of your film (vhs, mpeg file, avi file). There is no one certain answer. Please provide more information.

Hi is it permitted for me to also ask a question here ?.
I thought I was clever and connected my video player to my DVD player and copied my old home movies. That seemed to work and the DVD’s play fine on my DVD and TV. However when I put the DVD’s in my PC they appear empty, that is no files - ?

thay are .avi files

Where did the avi files come from??? We need as much information as possible, in order to give you the correct answers…


Perhaps also a little bit faster replies from the OP. :bigsmile: